The VISION is to create a sustainable Healing Centre COMMUNITY of Light Workers and Earth Warriors here in East Sussex, in or near Lewes.

Healing for those who live there, healing for visitors, healing for participants.

We heal through the growing, cooking and eating good food; living in harmony and respect of Mother Nature; balanced giving and receiving of love, compassion, generosity, hugs; listening and hearing others; open and honest communication; speaking our Truth; being IN SERVICE to the Highest Good; helping each other to grow; giving each other space.... through the playing and listening of music and song; meditation; the creative arts; the healing arts; dance; laughter.... people of all ages sharing life, working together ... creating and living the full, rich and peaceful life (in microcosm) we want to see (in macrocosm) out in the world.

The community IS the people we share our lives with, which is then supported, enhanced, enriched by the place and environment.

It is seen as a self-sustaining enterprise which offers retreats, workshops, classes... multi-disciplined, multi-dimensional, sustainable .... with a cafe, art space, healing spaces, garden, etc which all generate income.

A 'hot spot' of Light and Love in action, inspirational and contagious in its good energy, beaming out across the planet.

 It is a collection of people whose first question is 'How may I

serve, what can I contribute?' and by this mean have their own needs met .... a place to live, love and grow. 

The Vision holds three levels of involvement...
1 - RESIDENTS who live and work there
2 - FACILITATORS who lead workshops, retreats and classes
3 - VISITORS who come for classes, workshops, retreats, volunteers, WOOFers, etc

This is my vision. What's yours?


needs a physical home.

Do YOU know where this may be?

To grow the Vision of SACRED CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY into reality, we had the first of the MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP days 10/2/18 ... transforming our Inner Selves and working outwards to manifest our visions, goals and dreams.

In the morning Ali facilitated a group LIFE ALIGNMENT healing where we looked at and released negative patterns and limiting beliefs around Community. The word that came up to help us access our stories was CYNICISM (An inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest; scepticism. An inclination to question whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile; pessimism. )... feelings of oppression, ridicule, threat, past failures, persecution in this and past lives came up ... generated from others but also from our own  Inner Cynic. We released the emotion charge around these stories, then received high vibration energies to take us on to the next part of this journey to Community.

In the afternoon Meg facilitated a 10f MANIFESTATION TECHNIQUE workshop and we created VISION BOARDS.

The next workshop will be on 10 March. Contact me if you are interested in joining. Numbers are limited to 7 for this workshop as it will be at my home in South Chailey.

"I really enjoyed meeting everyone for the day, on the Sacred Conscious workshop. It was an amazing, healing day for me personally and it felt so calm and safe.  I learnt some useful ideas and ways to manifest the life I desire, and how to let go of things that so not serve me. I would highly recommend it! I hope I can come along again! L x"

"Thank you for a brilliant day yesterday. Really lovely people and very excited about your vision. The part when we were releasing limiting beliefs was very powerful. You are a great facilitator.  The day flowed well. Looking forward to the next one and also to be part of community. D xx"

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