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FREE Group Healing Sessions in the LECTURE ROOM

(Upstairs -  1st floor - full access by lift & stairs)

(There is no limit to how many you can attend on the day.  All welcome)

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Raffle called at 4.15pm

2.00pm to 3.00pm: METTA-MORPH - group healing with Ali Deva Sono (McNab)


METTA - LovingKindness. MORPH - Transform

Raising vibration through the RELEASE of old negative patterns, triggers & stuck energy.Thus creating space to RECEIVE positive, uplifting energy to take its place.

METTA-MORPH for personal & global transformation.   

Heal yourself, heal the world.  

12.00pm to 1.00pm: CORE TRANSFORMATION PROCESS with Melody Cheal

"The Core Transformation Process is a gentle process designed to reconnect you with Core States such as Universe, Spirit, Wholeness, Oneness and Love. It does this by integrating parts of you that have been left behind in the development stages of childhood. This process was created by Connirae Andreas in the 1980s and Melody has Connirae‘s personal permission to teach it to others. Melody Cheal has an MSc in Positive Psychology and is an NLP Master Trainer and a Trainer of Hypnotherapy”

3.10pm to 3.40pm: Group EFT session

with Mary Jane Sharratt

"Discover the power of Emotional Freedom Technique with Mary-Jane Sharratt. In this group session Mary-Jane will firstly show you the tapping points, and then talk you through a tapping session where you can deal with an issue of your choosing. You may decide to work on a physical pain, an emotional block, or a problem with a relationship that you are experiencing. Whatever you choose, there is no need to share but you can focus on your own unique while you tap in a safe and supported environment. We look forward to seeing you there."

11.20am to 11.50am: POWER PACK YOUR 30 MINUTES

with PRANA with Miiko Lo of PRANIC HEALING

Do you feel angry? Do you feel stressed? Do you feel frustrated? Do you wake up in the middle of the night with your mind racing? Do you find it difficult to concentrate for short periods of time? Are you easily distracted?

Would you like to feel calmer? Would you like to feel relaxed? Would you like to cherish the moment and fully enjoy the laughter and happiness?

f you have nodded or smiled at any of these then come along and try our healing session where you will be guided in exercises to cleanse and re-energise your chakras; guided on the importance of breathing correctly and taught a short meditation to power pack your energy levels.

Challenge yourself to find out how fantastic you can really feel in just 25 minutes!

10.50am to 11.10am: MEDITATION with Linda Jarrett

Linda will connect you through Meditation to the main Temple of Golden Light surrounded by the Rainbow Angels, you will receive healing, relaxation, clarity and abundance through your connection.

The 144 Temples of Golden Light have been placed in the etheric of Mother Earth for the benefit of humanity and earth, and will help you to deal with any challenges or concerns in life.

3.50pm to 4.10pm: MEDITATION with Janno Õnneleid

"You've been giving a lot of yourself to others. Now come and give to yourself. This meditation creates the space for you to validate your spirit in the body and to connect with your own answers. You can use this space to release anything that is old and unwanted and invite in more of your own truth. You are who you've been waiting for."

1.10pm to 1.50pm: SOUND HEALING JOURNEY

with M.art.in

Soundhealingjourney with martin from canaries... Didgeridoo, handpan, harp, sansula, fujara....