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FREE Group Healing Sessions in the LECTURE ROOM

(Upstairs -  1st floor - full access by lift & stairs)

(There is no limit to how many you can attend on the day.  All welcome)

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Raffle called at 3.40pm

1.40pm to 2.20pm: METTA-MORPH - group healing with Ali Deva Sono (McNab)


METTA - LovingKindness. MORPH - Transform

Raising vibration through the RELEASE of old negative patterns, triggers & stuck energy.Thus creating space to RECEIVE positive, uplifting energy to take its place.

METTA-MORPH for personal & global transformation.   

Heal yourself, heal the world.  

12.00pm to 12.500pm: SHAMANIC JOURNEY with Ali Rabjohns

Power Animal Journey: Come and be gently led down to the underworld to meet your power animal in sacred space. Over 7's welcome.

2.30pm to 3.00pm: PERSONAL POWER MEDITATION with Alena Michalcova

Come and join me for a 30 minute Personal Power Group Meditation where we’ll connect to our intuition using the breath.

We’re going to get into an optimal healing state. When we are relaxed our genius emerges. Loving intelligence emerges. We make better decisions. We’ll access this optimal healing relaxation state using the breath.

11.20am to 11.50am: CHAKRA MEDITATION with Myriam Murray

"Through a gentle chakra meditation, we will learn to re-connect with our inner healing power and light. It is so simple and yet it can be so powerful. Myriam will guide you so you can easily add this meditation to your daily routine"

3.10pm to 3.40pm: CLOSING MEDITATION with Janno Õnneleid

"You've been giving a lot of yourself to others. Now come and give to yourself. This meditation creates the space for you to validate your spirit in the body and to connect with your own answers. You can use this space to release anything that is old and unwanted and invite in more of your own truth. You are who you've been waiting for."

1.00pm to 1.30pm: SINGING CIRCLE with JoeBOW and friends

 simple song all can sing along - for inner and outer peace - with you, me, we, them, and us

10.40am to 11.10am: ATTRACTING YOUR PERFECT FUTURE - MEDITATION with Sue Salt     

"An opportunity to put out to the Universe your Dreams and Wishes for Today, the rest of this Year and Beyond, with Love and Gratitude".