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I work with Synergy's nutritional supplements and the Helo health monitor because of the real difference they make to people’s lives.

Synergy’s supplements are scientifically formulated to improve your health. Benefits include; reduced blood pressure & cholesterol, reduced aches and pains, improved circulation, digestive health and energy.

The Helo monitors your health so you can stay on track and the Biozen chips protect you from electrosmog radiation.

To find out exactly how these can benefit you come and speak with me, Helen.

Tel: 07545 227272 Email: helen@livewellandprosper.uk

Website: www.livewellandprosper.uk

Website: www.prosperwithsynergy

Kris and Julia Pillai - CRYSTAL EARTH

We supply a wide variety of holistic products including Wildberry Incense, smudge sticks, tumblestones and crystals, silver New Age/Pagan jewellery and many handmade gifts.

Tel: 07973 429699  

Email: julia@crystal-earth.co.uk


Visit the doTERRA stall for an introduction to the aromatouch technique. I will offer handmassages using doTERRA certified, pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

The aromatouch technique is a relaxing and comforting treatment that combines specific oils for immune enhancement, stress reduction, inflammatory response reduction and homeostasis.

Tel: 07827778782

Email: s.hope.doterra@gmail.com

Website: www.mydoterra.com/sabinehope


See Silver Gems Gifts for a super selection of semi-precious gemstones, Ladies 925 silver and a range of pearls. There is also a variety of crystals, stones and holistic items.

Tel: 07709278771

 Email: jeanharris61@btinternet.com

Website: www.silvergemsonline.co.uk


 Color- Discovery delivers inspiring talks, courses, events, retreats, treatments and products focused on the natural power of colour to enhance our lives with extra awareness and vitality. Specialising in Colour Light Therapy and in the most accurate analysis of our Colour Personalities, Color Discovery continues to ‘spread the light’ for the last 20 years supporting personal expression and good health. We will be delighted to meet you and we are thrilled to invite you to our stall for a free short personal reading of your date of birth’s colours and a surprise colourful gift!


Email : theresa@color-discovery.com

Website: www.color-discovery.com

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At ipse wilderness we lead well-being wilderness walks; transformative walking-talking journeys for individuals.

4-day monthly therapeutic journeys across different wilderness spaces of the UK; Yorkshire Dales, Peak District, South Downs.

We examine psychological issues using metaphors of the journey and the landscape to promote healing.

We guide groups through different landscapes and moods, relishing the simplicity and freedom of immersion in nature.

We give time and space to de-tech, de-stress, de-contextualise, dropping into a softer rhythm of life where peace, joy and

self-actualisation flourish.

We use counselling skills, co-listening structures, meditative practices and sharing circles to encourage honesty and integrity

Tel: 07852 448896

Email: ipsewilderness@gmail.com

Website: www.ipsewilderness.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IPSEWilderness/


Protandim has been scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in just 30 days - helping many people overcome a very wide range of health issues - from arthritis and general pain, to anxiety and depression. Fibromyalgia, skin complaints, symptoms of ageing, sleep deprivation and much more. Now available in the UK, it is a totally natural supplement created through the  emerging science of nutrigenomics - the science of creating synergy through Nature.

Tel: 07552120333

Email: janet@protandimuk.org

Website: www.protandimuk.org

Facebook: Protandim UK

Melody Cheal- GWiz NLP & Hypnotherapy training

GWiz NLP provides Accredited Training for Therapists and Coaches in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching. We also provide Supervision and personal breakthrough sessions.

Our NLP Taster day on 21st June provides free training with a small fee of just £19.95 to cover costs. This amount will be deducted from fees when you sign up for our NLP Diploma. This taster day is great way to find out if our approach is the one for you. You can train in all three disciplines from entry level right up to trainer.

Tel:01892 309205

Email: melody@gwiznlp.com

Website: www.gwiznlp.com

Facebook: GWizNLP


NYR Organic offer you the opportunity to purchase our award-winning, luxury health & beauty range with product offers & advice.

Also share with your family & friends and receive generous awards PLUS FREE & half price shopping.

If you’re passionate about natural organic & ethical health & beauty, we would love you to join us - whether you’re looking for a little extra income or an exciting new career that’s flexible, rewarding & enjoyable. For more details contact Linda.

Tel: 07887812803

 Email: linda_flack@sky.com

Website: www.uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/lindaflack

Caroline Gibbons -


I have used the powerful energy of Nature to create a unique range of flower essence creams to energise, enhance and heal you. I use organic, wild and sustainable essential oils and organic moisturising ingredients like Shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil. My creams are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Luxurious essence creams with essential oils for your health and well being - connecting you to the energy of Nature around the world.


Email: info@carolinesessences.com

Website: www.carolinesessences.com

Lina Darguzaite - PHEONIX WAVE -Holistic Goods  & Readings

Pheonix Wave – Lina’s Holistic Therapies will be trading some amazing Holistic items: Himalayan Salt Tealight Holders, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Various Statues and so much more.

Lina Darguzaite will be doing Tarot and Oracle Card Readings. Lina’s card readings contain from 3 parts, each part will let you to discover guidance, advice and help. She will look into your day to day business as in your emotional state as well.

Lina is based in Gosport, but she is mobile providing healing services.

She will be charging £15 for 20 minute readings.

Tel: 07715371471                                                

Email: darguzaite@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pheonixwave


Chic Boutique have beautiful Italian ladies clothing and accessories at fabulous prices.

What if you asked your body what it would love to wear? What colours is it asking for? When we commune with our bodies we receive so much more awareness and gratitude. Have you ever wondered what your body wants to say to you?   

Tel: 07939 564137

 Email: debs.putt@gmail.com



I would like to introduce you to crystal healing, with handmade pendants, mala beads, chakra sets and a lot more. I offer free advice on which crystals can benefit your own spiritual energy.

Tel: 07925 895568

Email: mithracrystals@gmail.com

Facebook: Karen Mithra

AWGANICA ~ 'Create and Support'

Beatrice and James (a.k.a. Bea and Skinny) formed Awganica to offer support for those suffering, or affected by, any known disease. Through simple understanding and basically echoing the life of the late Dr Sebi, Awganica present the final solution that has consistently reversed *'all' known disease (even hereditary) in an average of three months....yes, 3 months...

Gifts & support available include;

Bespoke healing packs;Official Dr.Sebi products; Herbs / Teas / Tonics; Exotic fruit and veg; Hemp oil

• Complimentary information, including recipes!

[* diseases defined by 'all' include; AIDS, diabetes one and two, cancer (every kind, including prostate cancer), lupus, herpes, blindness, sickle-cell anaemia, anaemia, paralysis, hypertension, insomnia, asthma, fibroids, autism, alzheimers, mental illness, impotence, heart disease and more...]

Email: awganica@mail.com

Website: www.awganica.com

Pete Shepherd Juhas - BIOVERSION

Water Filtration and Water Fast At BiOVERSION

 we offer many holistic healing modalities, but we also believe that it’s impossible to talk about personal wellness without addressing environmental wellness as well.

We all have a desire for pure water, therefore 35.8 million of plastic bottles are sold in the UK every day.

According to WHO, we have reached the point, when 90% of water sold in supermarkets today contain twice as much micro-plastic then tap water (yet it’s 1000 times more expensive), which means that installation of water filtration device became the best and the most affordable solution for anyone concerned about the quality/purity of drinking water. 

Mobile: 07737600200

Email: mybioversion@gmail.com

Website: www.bioversion.co.uk


Sisi(pronounced she-she) is a range of handmade, all natural self care products designed to bring deep nourishment to your daily beauty ritual.

Sisi products are made in small batches and are for all sexes.

Through the goddess lore, Sisi aims to re-ignite the Divine Feminine energies in all people, to bring balance within and without.

Sisi uses primarily organic ingredients and does not use oils that are from endangered plant species, or which are chemically extracted.

Simplicity is the key.

Tel: 07597028113

Email: info@sisiholisticbeauty.com

Website: www.sisiholisticbeauty.com

Helen Raggett - FOREVER LIVING

Naturally stabilised aloe vera products, ranging from drinks, skin care, personal care, sport nutrition, and weight management. All products are not tested on animals, but can benefit and be used on animals. Unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

Tel: 07740868128

Email: raggett.ho@ntlworld.com

Website: www.aloeraggett.net

Hedar Abid - AVINE ART

I studied Transpersonal Art Therapy for a year at the Tobias school of Art in East Grinstead.

I facilitate group painting workshops for adults and children, using creativity as a channel for expressing, understanding and healing, working with symbols, archetypes and nature rhythms.

Tel: 07903 885 334                                

 Email: hedarabid@hotmail.com


Sarah Oyetunde - SO-ART & WELLBEING

.A beautiful selection of original mandala art, prints and cards.

SO Art & Wellbeing offers a selection of intuitive mandala art, workshops and therapeutic experiences.

Tel: 07545381147

Email: info@so-art.com

Website: www.so-art.com


TREESAP is a head wear brand that creates snoods, hoods and hats.

The materials are often up cycled and of east African origin.

Customers can order on commission.

We also sell ethical handmade baskets made by women in Kenya.

Tel: 07470386681

Email: treesapclothing@gmail.com

Website: www.treesapdesigns.com