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Linda Jarrett - CLAIRVOYANT READER - Temples of Golden Light

 Linda Jarrett is a Clairvoyant, Healer, Meditation Teacher, Writer and Author. She can help you with Abundance, Clarity, Health, Family Issues, Support, and help you Manifest what you want from of life. Linda is a Radio Host on Ask1radio and Moonstruck TV. she has her own weekly Global Radio Show.

 £40 for 30 minutes - festival day

Tel: 07711679718

Email: templeofgoldenlight@gmail.com

Website: www.templeofgoldenlight.com


“ I am a psychic/clairvoyant Angel Card reader, working closely with Spirit Guides and Spirit. I absolutely love what I do, as a reading with me is not only insightful and intuitive, but all of my clients feel incredibly healed and positive with direction afterwards. I am also a Reiki Master and this energy is always available while I’m reading someone. Another reason why clients feel healed, and of course the Angelic Realm of the Angels, which I welcome with open arms.

Mini reading £15 - full reading £30 - Festival day

Tel: 07912787354

Email: tonymcmahon38@gmail.com


Melayne Stone  - PSYCHIC MEDIUM

Melayne is a psychic Counsellor, clairvoyant, clairaudient and medium that works with the Ascending masters, Spirit guides, using tarot, runes, Life Purpose cards, Past life and remote viewing. Melayne will put your mind at ease, help you in your time of need to enhance your life with her direct approach and honesty with compassion, respect and integrity. Full in-depth for Validations Past, Present and future. Free CD given.  

Tel: 07710102670

Email: mel@talizman.co.uk

Website: www.talizman.co.uk


Susan teaches Forest Wisdom in Europe and Japan. The ancestral practices of Druidry and Witchcraft are drawn upon to reconnect students to the ancient ways, and the health benefits of Nature Spirituality. The Tarot cards and Ogham  Tree runes she uses in her divination and healing methods are directly from this source.

£10 for 15 minutes - festival day

​Tel: 07986 1055865

Email: susan@earthwisdom.co.uk

Website: www.earthwisdom.co.uk


If you’re looking for a powerful, insightful Psychic Reading, meet Clemens. He can look deeply into your soul’s progress in this life, bringing you information on love, career, health, family or anything else you desire to know. Clemens has worked with literally thousands of people over many years, meticulously tuning in to their reality with expert clairvoyance. If you want to know the future or better understand your present, Clemens will tell you what he sees in a spirit of wisdom and compassion.

Tel: 07842885501

Email: destinyclemens@yahoo.com

Website: destinyclemens.com

Janno Õnneleid – Intuitive reader, healer and teacher – Hello EssenceJoy Healing Centre

Janno is the director of the Hello EssenceJoy Healing Centre.  He has been giving daily intuitive readings and healings and teaching psychic meditation classes for many years. The core of Janno's work is to empower his students and clients to find their own answers and to connect with their own intuition. He also teaches workshops and seminars on subjects such as energy, intuition and meditation. He trained at the Holistic College of Eastbourne and is a registered Spiritual Healer, certified by HPAI.

 He is a graduate of the One-To-One and Trance Medium programs at the Aesclepion Healing Centre.

Tel: 07835372755

Email: janno@helloessencejoy.com

Website: www.helloessencejoy.com

Rob Hulford -


I work as a spiritual clairvoyant with over 25 years experience.
During your reading, I aim to bring you help and guidance that will support you with your spiritual, emotional and physical growth. My aim is to assist you to help discover inner knowledge which will empower you to live by your own special wisdom, delivered through guidance, wisdom and evidence brought forth from the higher realms.

I will be charging £20 for a 15 minute reading & £40 for 30 minutes.

Additional I compose and write spiritual music perfect for deep relaxation, healing, yoga and meditation. Visit my channel here;-   http://www.youtube.com/c/BrightStarCinemaRelaxationMeditation

My music will be played during the festival. There will be CDs for sale.

Tel: 07724176100

Email: rob@robhulford.com

Website: www.london-clairvoyant.com.  

Isabella Rosetta - Psychic-intuitive TAROT

Tarot by the sea

 I am a Psychic-intuitive tarot reader. I have Romany gypsy heritage.

my readings are honest, empowering and motivating.

I also use Taseography and Reiki healing.

 I will be providing 15 minute reading's for £10 and 20 minutes for £20

I will also be selling spell bags and Hand made Morrocan hats.

Email: isabel.r.bernard@gmail.com

Website: www.isabellarosetta.info

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Helen Fost - ASTROLOGICAL READINGS with Life Coaching

Helen received her diploma from the Faculty of Astrological studies in 1999 and is a Fellow of the Association of Professional Astrologers International. She is also an NLP practitioner, life coach, hypnotherapist, shamanic healer and performer. She facilitates workshops and retreats in Greece and the UK. Astrology sessions also by Skype. More info on www.astrolifecoaching.com

Tel: 07957391507

Email: info@astrolifecoaching.com

Website : www.astrolifecoaching.com

 Facebook: www.facebook.com/helen.fost/

Patricia Gidney -INNER LIGHT PORTRAITS- Soul Plan Readings

Inner Light Portraits offers Soul Plan readings. A Soul Plan Reading is based on the sound vibration of your birth name.

Soul Plan is a new interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis.

It is a remarkably powerful and accurate system of life purpose guidance and a deeply healing experience.

It gives a deeper understanding of your challenges talents, goals and destiny.

Patricia also offers paintings that reflect back to an individual and also out into the world a symbolic image of their inner light, qualities and purpose and can include your soul plan if desired.

£20 for a session

Tel: 07946 089875

Email: patricia@keymer.force9.co.uk


Facebook: www.facebook.com/patriciamaygidneyartist

Jennifer Merritt - Sparkle and Divine -


Sparkle and Divine is an Intuitive heart-centred healing Oracle card reading experience.

 The client leaves empowered, their sparkle  brought back and reclaimed, their being opened to the divine essence of life.

I will be charging £25 on festival day for a reading.

Tel: 07455545344

Email: jennifermerritt1960@hotmail.com

Lina Darguzaite   -  Pheonix Wave – Lina’s Holistic Therapies

Pheonix Wave – Lina’s Holistic Therapies will be trading some amazing Holistic items: Himalayan Salt Tealight Holders, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Various Statues and so much more.

Lina Darguzaite will be doing Tarot and Oracle Card Readings. Lina’s card readings contain from 3 parts, each part will let you to discover guidance, advice and help. She will look into your day to day business as in your emotional state as well.

Lina is based in Gosport, but she is mobile providing healing services.

Tel: 07715371471                                              

  Email: darguzaite@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pheonixwave


Inside/Out Coaching with

“Discover Your True Aura/Colour Reading Sessions with Aura Soma Cards

Suzeck's Company Positive Life was created from her own Heart and Mind after suffering depression and victimhood, she found her way through the dark and loves to share her very easy workable Positive Mind Set full of light and colour.

Suzeck is a qualified teacher in Holistic's and Energy Field Medicine.

Her practice covers 38 years of studentship were she owned her own Healing Arts Centre, Head of Northbrook for Complementary Therapies,Radio and Carlton TV.

Please visit www.positivelife.biz & Positive Life on Facebook of more info on online courses.

£20 a reading session - festival day

Tel: 07808666860


Website: www.positivelife.biz

Micheale Wynn-Jones

 Diamond Bridge Initiative- NUMEROLOGY ANALYSIS

Your birthdate and names reveal information about your natural talents, your challenges, your relationships, and why you are back here now.

I can decode them for you.

I will be charging £30 for a session on the day.

Tel: 07840014548

Email: michaele.dbi@gmail.com

Website: www.diamonbridgeinitiative.com


I am an experienced storyteller and Tarot Card reader.

I also give messages from passed loved ones.

I provide a healing and happy space for my readings to take place

I have worked in all sorts of places and love the work I do.

I will be charging £15 for a session on the day.

Tel: 07949459583

 Email: sueknight15@hotmail.com